EXNCE, is an open source hybrid digital asset airdrop distribution and trading service which supports new and established digital currencies on a convenient and seamless platform through which anyone can join, distribute airdrop crypto currencies.

EXNCE, provides a streamlined trading process on a simplified and intuitive interface for a more coordinated and rewarding experience while exceeding the limits of what a digital asset airdrop distribution can be.

EXNCE, offers a concise and simplified portal for anyone to airdrop distribution of crypto currency, thereby, strategically identifying and bringing together standard blockchain organizations and enthusiastic investors to share ideas and values. Hence, it creates a dynamic community that continuously explores and fuels blockchain innovation.

Our Advantages

High Performance

High-performance matching engine, capable of fast processing 20,000 orders per second

Safe and Stable Trading Environment

Open and transparent market information with providing safe and stable trading environment and Asset Security Management Solutions.

Safety Stability

Our technical team have rich experience in the crypto industry. Thanks to their hard work, Exnce has built an industry-leading risk management system based on distributed architecture as well as a powerful anti-DDOS system.

Excellent User Experience

To better serve our users, Exnce supports be access from multiple platforms including IOS, Android, H5 and PC Web.

Multiple-token Support

Support multiple coins trading and high liquid markets with 30+ trading pairs, more premiere tokens coming up

Bonus Sharing

We share most of our profits with our partners and users. We believe that helping our users to Blockchain technology, is more important than just profiting ourselves.